Best Exercises to Gain Muscle Fast

Best Exercises to Gain Muscle Fast

There are many reason why people fail to gain muscle fast. Some of the factors involved are improper diet, poor workout routine, not working out enough, working out too much, and not doing the right exercises. In this post I will focus on that last point.

Doing the right exercises is one of the key factors to maximizing growth. You can stay in the gym all day but if all your doing is bicep curls, you are not going to gain any real muscle very fast. Below I present some of the best exercises to gain muscle the fastest.

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Exercises you should be doing:

  • Bench press: This one should be a given.
  • Squats: If your not doing squats in your normal routine and wondering why you’re not gaining any weight or muscle, then here’s the answer. Squats involve the use of A LOT of muscles in your lower body which make them a great exercise. If you have never done them before I suggest starting out with just the bar with no weight just to get used to the motion.
  • Deadlifts: This one is huge. Often times it is overlooked but if anything will help you gain muscle fast, it’s deadlifts.

So there are a few of the big exercises you should be doing. These are not the only  lifts you should be doing but should be apart of your routine. I do not reccommend doing squats and deadlifts on the same day. Both of these lifts are big and doing them both on the same day could actually have an adverse effect on muscle growth.

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