4 Main Types of SEO (You Need to Know About)

4 Main Types of SEO (You Need to Know About)

In this post, we’ll be going over the 4 main type of SEO.

SEO is critical to the success of your business.

Here are the 4 main types of SEO:


affiliate seo

Affiliate SEO is ranking websites that promotes affiliate offers.

For example, you have a skincare blog and you could be selling someone’s acne cream, when you sell that acne cream you will get a cut of it.

There’s no need for you to risk creating a product to sell.

You can just find and promote someone else’s products and services.


local seo

Local SEO is ranking local businesses like plumbers, dentists, taxis, and the list goes on.

By learning local SEO you will be able to take your business to the next level and really bring in a ton of leads and customers.

You can create your own SEO company, be a freelancer or create your own local business and use SEO to promote it.

Whenever someone has a question or problem, they always ask Google.

What if they were trying to find a new hair salon and typed in “best hair salon london” and you showed up for that term?

There’s a good chance you would get that person as a customer.


youtube seo

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google and will probably become the biggest search engine in a few years because more people consume content through video.

And YouTube is one of the biggest if not the biggest video platform.

YouTube has a lot less competition than Google so it may be a better option to make YouTube videos than create blog content if your business allows you to.


e-commerce seo

Do you have a Shopify store?

Instead of spending a boat load of cash on ads, you can get customers on Google for free.

Not a lot of people are doing SEO for their e-commerce site, it’s actually incredible.

Make sure you optimise your product pages for Google and get them ranking.

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